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I have set up a Demasoni cichlid tank that is doing really well. One of the females just released her first fry and surprisingly we ended up with 11 fry. I pulled the mother and babies out, separated them so she can recover but not eat the babies, and have been caring for the babies in a 10 gallon tank. They have done really well for about 3 days until last night when I lost 3 of the fry. I am worried they are not eating but it could certainly be something else. Does anyone have any advice of what I should do to make sure they are eating and what else I should be doing or what else to look in to that could have cause it?

Thanks for any help you can give.

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What happened last night? Water change?

You can see them eat...what are you feeding them? If they dart at the food they are eating.

Do you have the fry tank filtered and heated and parameters matching the adult tank?

The babies are in a separate tank or divided tank or in a breeder net in a tank with the mom?
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