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demasoni fry survival in main tank?

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Hi, I have a dem that is holding ATM, and I am thinking of just letting her spit in the main tank. I have a pile of smaller rocks for the fry, I am just wondering what their chance of suvival is? I have read on here people saying they sometimes get one or two survivors, but do they suvive to adulthood, or just long enough to be caught and removed?

I have a seven gallon and a 40 g tank that I could set-up, but I would rather avoid the maintenance on a second tank if some fry will survive in my main tank. It is 60 g with 12 dems and two feather fin cats (that are about 4 inches or so).

I only want about three or four more fish to add to the tank, and I already have one fry in the small tank. I noticed him about a week and a half ago, and moved him because I was worried about his saftey. He already had very dark stripes, so he may have been in there for a week or two before I saw him? Will he be able to stay in the 7 and go straight back into the main? Or will I have to set up my 40 if I want any fish to reach adulthood? Just not sure what to do...
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most 2-4 will make it to adulthood in the main tank. once the fry reach 1.5" the adult won't eat them and they will be to fast for the cat to hunt down.
If 1-2 survive, they'll make it all the way. The little guy will be fine at around 1" with dems. 1.5" to be super safe.
How about a divider in the main tank for momma? Another option. Then trade/sell the remaining fry you don't want.
Thanks for the replies, it is good to know I have a chance of getting more dems without buying them or setting up a dedicated rearing tank. I hadn't thought of a divider, but I don't think it is viable because I am recently observing some problems in my community. Two fish are hiding in my largest fake plant, and a third is behind the powerhead. This wasn't happening a week or two ago :( So I don't think I want to reduce the size of the tank with a divider. Time to re-arrange and add some rock, methinks.
You should end up with a survivor or two. I normally end up with 1 out of the fry I leave in the big tanks. You can remove the mom, but that always ends up leaving you with dozens of fish, eventually hundreds. That can be a good or bad thing depending on how you look at it. If you need the extra fish, do it. I have about 100 Hara fry I don't know what to do with, now I 'need' another tank, lol. I'm going to start letting them spit in the big tanks though, I'm tired of raising fry. It's fun, but is time consuming and requires lots oft food, tanks, equipment, and space.

It is cool to see a tank full of itty bitty fry though.
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