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demasoni and?

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I know alot of people keep demasoni and yel labs. Just trying to get some ideas for stocking a 55 gal with 15-18 demasoni and another group of fish.
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Just one other species? You could get away with a couple more in a 55. Any one of these would work.

Pseudotropheus sp. "acei"
Metriaclima sp. "Msobo"
Metriaclima estherae
Iodotropheus sprengerae
Metriaclima callainos
Pseudotropheus polit
Pseudotropheus socolofi
Thanks joea. I have always liked Metriaclima sp. "Msobo" , so a nice grp or those would be great. I already have Acei fry in the 1 inch range from the parent acei in my other 55 gal . So would say 18 demasoni, 6 msobo, and 6 acei or another grp be ok, with 3 grps total? I will have a rena xp 2 and an aquatech 30-60 power filter. If that is a lil much may just stay with msobo and the demasoni. I figure 18 demasoni to start in case I have any loses due to agression.
I would also include the Cynotilapia genus - as I haven't had problems with mixing Ps. demasoni and the four or five species species I've kept.
I'd keep the Msobo and acei to groups of four if you add both. A group of just six Msobo would be fine. Keep only one male however.
i have a juvenile(under 4") group of O. Lithobates Zrocks with my group of 12 Dems in a 55gal.
i have a juvenile(under 4") group of O. Lithobates Zrocks with my group of 12 Dems in a 55gal. they dont pay attention to each other and everything has worked fine for the last four months
cichlidholic recommended to me recently to maybe try Labeotropheus Fuelleborni OB's.

I was looking for another fish with a pattern and that's why she recommended the Fuelleborni OB's.
Thanks for all of the replies. Looks like I have found my grp of demasoni. Now to see what is available to add with them. Still leaning toward a nice grp of Metriaclima sp. "Msobo" . Still open to more comments.
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