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Decided to switch it up!!

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Hey ya'll! Haven't posted on the forum in awhile but just wanted to share that I purchased two ebjd from my lfs today! :dancing: I traded in the Africans I had for the two. They have settled in nicely and seem to be enjoying their new home. Now to try to get some photos up!
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I like your choice. You will love these fish. Any pics?
Pm sent
Congrats. I love EBJDs. They are sensitive fish though so here's a link with really good info on how to treat illness and what to watch out for.
Not the best quality, as they were taken with my cell, but you get the idea. :D

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See good info :wink:
Thank you for the link. It appears to be quite popular! :wink: Lots of good info for taking care of my new babies!
Nice looking blues by the way.
Flippercon said:
Nice looking blues by the way.
Thank you. I know they have a lot of potential and I am looking forward to them getting bigger and coloring up.
They are just about 1 inch long and have been in the tank for about 7 hours now.

p.s. I must confess I did not tell my husband what I paid for them :oops: Sshhhhhh!
Nice blues. thanks for the pictures.

Hmm...we won't tell your husband but how much did you pay for them? Blues that size locally here in NJ, costs about $20 each.
I paid $29 each, minus a small store credit for trading in the Africans. The lfs I go to is privately owned by local guys so I don't mind paying a little more for things when I go there. Besides, supporting local economy is great and these guys are way more knowledgeable than most of the employees at the big box stores. :thumb:

Oh! This reminds me. Around Christmas time I was in the local big box for dog toys and decided to browse the fish. They had a few ebjd's in there that they were selling for $15 a piece!! I had never seen that before and hadn't seen it since. :-? Crazy. I wonder what the quality of them was like.....
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