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Decided on stock, what do you think?

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Picking up my new tank tomorrow and semi decided, with the help of the cookie cutter and loads of people on this forum. on the stock for it. Thanks to mattg40 for showing me the way to go with Fish Shops who deliver in the UK :)

What do you all think on this stock, the cookie cutter said a max of 5 fish each. I have a 97 gallon tank with a footprint of a 75 gallon tank.


Your suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Just wanted an not overly aggressive tank but some nice colours and interest.

One other thing is I will not be able to stock it all at once, what order (and how many) would you start with. I have an established filter, rocks and some water ready to put in


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YL, Ps. Acei, Ps. Saulosi and then add the Cyno last. :thumb:
That stock list should be fine together, I would go with 6 rather than 5 of each species.

I agree with jhunbj on the order to add the species...Start with your least aggressive first. If need be, you can switch up the Cynotilapia and saulosi.

Cynotilapia axelrodi - very nice choice. A very nice blue species.
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