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that is wear when i cicle a tank
i fill up my tank with water,add some clorine and heavy metal remover,some built up bacteria power.
let it run for 3 days,and put the fish in it
i have put like10 fish the same day in a 100 galons tank and they will be all rigth.

maybe he set it up for salt water and add fresh watter fish. :D

did any body at home use some air freshener,or raid ant and roach lattly, that may fall a little bit in to tank.

what do you do for living?
you are not a mecanic,painter,garthener?

i am a tree man and i deal with chainsaw all day,i have to put oil and gas on them.
and when i go to eat i wash my hands good,but when i mess with the tanks it has to be like very,very,very,very good.

deap cleanning ,brush fingernails depply,grase remover,soap,and rinse them very good.
check if the heater is not making electricity on water too.
and good luck :thumb:
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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