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day 22 what to do?

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My female Yellow Lab., has been holding now 22 days. I was wondering if I should go ahead and strip her. I have her in a 10g and has been for two weeks, color is great but hides when you come inthe room.. Her first batch she ate, but I think that was due to being in the 90 with all the others. I could use some advice, I just don't want to disappoint my 4yr old with no babies after all this time.

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I always strip my females around day 20. Thats what i would do
Sure fire way?
striping is not necessary at this point. She can hold up to 4 weeks.
No not intirely necessary but it wouldn't hurt either. Comes down to personal preferance
sure fire way? Squirt them out, This was my wife's first time. She fumbled through the first half but it was all over in less than 30 seconds. The eggs were feeders, hybrid spawn.
if you can get to sally's or have one of these bottles. ... tstrip.flv

If she's in the tank by herself, she may have spit already and just taking them back whenever she sees you, or anything move.
If's she's by herself, give her a few more days and sneak up to watch her, you may get a few surprises. Or she could just eat them all. It's a gamble if she's inexperienced. But worth the nervous migranes if you find her guarding, moving and possibly even feeding the fry.
I would simply remove the fry. The female can begin to eat then and replenish herself. The choice of course is up to you. :)
If you do strip her, let the kid help in some fashion. Hold a net or anything, they love that. My 7yo loves helping when it comes to the babies. She thinks it the coolest thing that they keep the babies in their mouth.
I agree on stripping her in the next couple days. I do it with a toothpick (with flat ends). It's quite easy (for me anyway). You can watch a stripping video thru the link below. Good luck! :thumb:
Super Turtleman said:
I agree on stripping her in the next couple days. I do it with a toothpick (with flat ends). It's quite easy (for me anyway).
This is the method that I use as well. If I'm going to strip a female, anytime after 14 days works for me.

Thanks for all of the advice.

My daughter and I stripped her last night. We used the tooth pick method, once we opened her mouth we had 24 babies :fish: in a matter of seconds. The best part was watching my daughters excitment for the babies :eek: . This has been a great learning experience for the both of us.


Hoyt & Amelia

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aww... what cute little baby faces!
Congrats! :thumb: :dancing:
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