Adult male Krobia xinguensis by Erik Åhlander​

Construction continues on the Xingu River for what will become the world's third largest dam. The Xingu River is a tributary of the Amazon River and also home to many cichlid species. Brazil obtains almost 80% of its electric power from hydroelectric dams and the country's demand for electricity is expected to double in this decade. Despite Brazil's need for electricity, criticism has come from environmentalists, indigenous people and land owners as the dam is expected to flood almost 200 square miles of jungle and farm land. Below the dam's construction site, there has already been a report that water levels are dropping and so have fish populations. The Xingu River is home to various species of cichlids including Crenicichla, Cichlasoma and the newly discovered Krobia xinguensis (pictured above). More information can be found here: Dam Construction and Krobia xinguensis.