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Daffodil Fry Pics - 3 hatches in about 1 month

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My daffodils have had 3 batches of fry in the month+. I was really surprised to see the latest batch so soon. The first batch had about 10 fry (now 1/2"+)...the second batch had 3 survivors (now 1/4") and the latest batch has about 30+ survivors so far (first spotted about 4 days ago). All this in a 20 gallon tank!

Here are some pics! ... 1646830482 ... 4531732386 ... 3121666994 ... 1711601602 ... 4596503506
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they are cute!
nice tank btw!

are you enjoying your fish?
thanks...Yes I am enjoying them very much! :thumb:
Your daffodils have very nice form which is getting to be less and less unfortunately. Are they F0 or did you get them from a breeder with good stock?
I got them from a local fish store in Richfield MN
That's a real nice little species tank, and who doesn't love baby fish? :). I really like how your rockwork was laid out, I can never get it to look that nice!

I've often dreamt of a 150 gallon (48x24x30) as a species tank for one of the brichardi complex, with a giant rockpile in the middle that reached nearly to the top of the tank. They're such lovely fish, too bad they don't typically pan out in community tanks.

-Rick (the armchair aquarist)
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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