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cyps and lithobates

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*** got a 6*2*2 with 1m 4f kitumba cyps and 4 4cm black calvus and was wondering if i could add 10 small 2-3in lithobates and 8 steatocranus casuarius that are 3-4cm would this be a good idea or not.
the lithobates and hump heads are in a 3*18*18 with 2 gold comps and all get along well but i would like to just have the 2 gold comps in there.

oh the cyps are about 3in.

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First thing is I would get more Cyps, they do better in large schools. And if it was me I would not put the Lithobates in with the Cyps. I had Z-Rocks and when it came to breeding the dom male was a real [email protected]# H^&#. he would attack what ever he could and he would not stop untill he got what he was after. As far as the Steatocranus I have no experiance with them.
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