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Cyprichromis Leptosoma Kigoma

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Male showing off
2M and 8F in the colony
in a 4x2.5x2 with 9 Ochrogenys Ndole

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Beauties. I have 4 juveniles, can't wait for them to colour up.
Beatiful fish! Always glad to see that some nice fish seem to be available in Oz despite the White List!
Lol you'll be surprised what is here if I told you what I've seen so far!
Lots of cyps (allowed to be imported) like micro bulu point, caramba, kiriza black, leptos like mpimbwe, kigoma, kitumba
A few paracyp brieni variants and the nigripinnis
ochrogenys makola, ndole, mzuri
flavipinnis, spilopterus, sunflowers, red princess, ornatipinnis pearl, sima, tembwe, moliro fire stream ornatipinnis, kilesa, melanogenys
not very many ventralis, furcifer or foai but are able to get them imported
LOTS of tropheus are around
Horei, kendalli, frontosa, lots of types of comps, calvus
then all the mainstream people keep julies, shell dwellers, lamprologus and neolamprologus fish

End of this year all imports are being banned
then over 3 years most fish (cichlids, americans, gouramis etc.) are going to be all on the list which requires permits (forgot which colour list it is lol) or else are to be destroyed. Some you may not even be allowed to get permits for as well
Wow! Nice list!

I'm just getting into the tangs and it nice to know their is a bit of range out there. Got any tips on where to find some of those species?

better get them quick before the permit junk comes in. As if we didn't have enough regulation...
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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