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Cynotilapia sp. "lion" mara rocks

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Just got a group of 2m 5f, anyone with experience with these guys pls chime in. Hopefully I'll be raising these guys when they decide it's time to spawn. In addition haven't seen much info on this species on this site. Anyone know of a better online reference for Cyno species? They're in a 55gal by themselves.
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good to know, I just got them in and had them in a 20gal for a couple day just until my seeded 55gal is finished and the males started to go at it the same day they came in. So after lights out I had to put one male in a 55gal with a trio of mature O.Lithobates and he's clamied a cave so we'll see what happens when the species only tank is ready
I must have large males then because they are really good looking specimens and are at least 4"
1 - 3 of 9 Posts
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