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Cynotilapia sp. "lion" mara rocks

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Just got a group of 2m 5f, anyone with experience with these guys pls chime in. Hopefully I'll be raising these guys when they decide it's time to spawn. In addition haven't seen much info on this species on this site. Anyone know of a better online reference for Cyno species? They're in a 55gal by themselves.
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I think the sp. lion group is all pretty well high-strung. I've got the sp. lion 'Lion's Cove' and had the sp. lion 'Cape Kaiser'. Both have been on the upper part of the "aggression scale" of all the mbuna I've had.

They may be a smaller sized group of Cyno's, but they sure have a lot of stamina when it comes down to a brawl.
thevein said:
I must have large males then because they are really good looking specimens and are at least 4"
I guess my sp. lion 'Cape Kaiser' that I had were about that size - they were bigger than the sp. lion 'Lion's Cove'.

nick a said:
have found them to be one of the calmer Cynos. The group I've had for years in a species tank is very settled and a very calm tank.
Mine have became quite docile since they have been moved into the 100 gallon with all the other mbuna/peacocks/Cop.'s. The sp. hara and sp. mbamba in the tank are far more dominating than the sp. lion 'Lion's Cove's are.
1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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