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Cynotilapia sp. "lion" mara rocks

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Just got a group of 2m 5f, anyone with experience with these guys pls chime in. Hopefully I'll be raising these guys when they decide it's time to spawn. In addition haven't seen much info on this species on this site. Anyone know of a better online reference for Cyno species? They're in a 55gal by themselves.
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Since no one else is responding, I'll give you what I've learned. I've just kept this variety of Lion for about a year and just have one group of them--so the little experience is based on that small window--YMMV.

Of all the Cyno forms I keep (and I keep LOT'S of 'em!), these are undoubtable one of (if not the) most aggressive. Even in a well rocked 75 with 2 other aggressive species, the males would go at it with each other until real/significant damage was done. Once I removed all but one male, things settled somewhat for a while. Then the lone male started to go at it with the dom Zebra Long Pelvic and the dom Pundamilia nyererei--both of whom are at least 1.5X his size. I think because of the teeth, the Cyno was able to beat down both the other dom males after multiple jaw-lock sessions. He had over 1/2 of the 75 completely to himself--no one else allowed to cross that line :roll:

I've since moved the 1M/3F group to a 40BR. They've done quite well in the species only setting. The male is not a wife-beater so the femmes are all in good shape and they breed quite regularly. I'd say each female has 25-30 fry every 2-3 months. The females are quite attractive so the species only concept doesn't equal an unattractive tank. Eventually,once some of the juvies grow-out more, I'll have a better idea if the aggro behavior of the adult males that I originally purchased is 'standard' or just something 'learned' by that group.

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My MRs are quite a bit larger than the LCs. I think the largest male LC may be about the size of the MR females, maybe a bit smaller.

I've had a little different experience than Why with the LCs and have found them to be one of the calmer Cynos. The group I've had for years in a species tank is very settled and a very calm tank. I got a WC group a while back and they're in a 125 with some Cyno. sp. Hara/tropheops lilac/pundamilia. The dom Hara is the king of that tank so far. The lion males each have a small territory claimed but only flash for their females and don't challenge the Hara at all.
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