cyclop-eeze shortage

For hobbyist who haven't heard of Cyclop-eeze, it is a food composed of a selectively bred, biologically engineered microorganism. It can be purchased frozen, as a coarse powder or a wafer. One of its characteristics is that fish go crazy for it. I've heard of people soaking pellets or flake foods in a cyclop-eeze soup to entice picky eaters to eat processed foods. Since it is a microorganism, it is a great food for the smallest fry and an excellent replacement for hobbyists who don't want to raise live brine shrimp. For everyone who loves the product, there have been some unconfirmed rumors that there will be a cyclop-eeze shortage in the future.

There has been no official word from the manufacturer, Argent, of a Cyclop-eeze shortage. However, several reef and marine websites have been posting about upcoming shortages. In the short-term, don't expect it gone from the shelves but if the rumor continues to circulate or there is an official confirmation, prices may start to creep up.