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Cycling - I thought I understood it.

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hi everyone!

I have been using fish less cycling for 5 days now in my 90 gal and nothing has happened to the ammonia levels. I have been using old filter media, 2 sponge filters attached to maxi-jet 1200s plants and injected Co2. I used prime to dechlorinate when I filled the water up. I've used leaf zone by API to fertilize.

I have several questions so I will try to split them up.

a) Does Co2 inhibit cycling?

b) Why has my ammonia not been converted into nitrite? - From my readings ammonia changes quickly to nitrite and then spikes there for a while before it is converted to nitrate.

c) Should I go out and buy biro-spira, cycle or turbo start? I have read an equal amount of people say that each one of these products works and doesn't work.

d) Are my plants going to die because they aren't getting nitrate? Also do plants only consume nitrate or do they consume nitrite and ammonia as well?

e)I know its only been 5 days, but shouldn't something have happened by now?

thanks if you can help
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I have tried BioSpira and Cycle... IMO, BioSpira is the best. I was able to add fish to my tank and never saw a ammonia spike at all. There was a very temporary spike in Nitrite which went down to zero in about 3 days.
Not that it is cheap, but I am pretty sure Biospira is $12 a package at my LFS... wonder if you can find it cheaper...
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