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cycle again and what?

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the tank is been cycle for that last ( cant remember) but more than a month for sure ...last few week i did a w/c 35% to bring the nitrate down from 150ppm to about reading few day ago
ammonia 0.25ppm
nitrite 1ppm
nitrate 80ppm
now just 5min ago
ammonia 0.25ppm
nitrite 0ppm
nitrate 20ppm
i test is 2times same reading ....did i do some wrong when i did the w/c .why my nitrate drop ...should my nitrate be higher when my tank done cycle .....and if nitrite 0ppm why ammonia still there????anyone know????
PROV356 where are you bro???
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yea guy im doing a fishless...dont ask me why the nitrate get ways up there cause i have no idea....
yea with prime when i do that 35% water change?? and add some ammonia when i just starts it,about 2ppm...
arcticcatrider no, i never test the ph yet? i dun think that really matter too....what should i do now fellow?? i wish i could just stop at lfs and spend 100$ get some spira and put in there then add fish but i know i have to hear about it from my wife for a month ,she's not stfu about it i know :D
no i'll kill myself first before i start over :D
kewlkatdady said:
I dont think you need to start over... but you will definatly have to get the nitrates down before adding any fish.

What size tank are you cycling? How much ammo are you adding and how often are you adding it?

I'm thinking you are adding a little too much ammo and that is why you are getting the ammo reading. The nitrates are that high because that is the byproduct of the cycle.

I think you said your nitrItes are 0.0ppm... right?
no bro my nitrate it drop from 80ppm to 20ppm now and no i dont over dose the ammonia, i dont add it everyday but i was always test every 24hours and keep my ammonia at 2ppm( est) tank is 210gallon anyways i just did a 4test in a row to have a better reading cause i think 1 or 2 test is not accurate ...4 0ut of 4 test the nitrate at 20ppm ,4 out of 4 test nitrite 0 ppm ,3 out of 4 test ammonia 0ppm( only 1 test the ammonia is 0.25ppm) is that mean im done with the cycle ??? then why is my nitrate are so low only 20ppm????
but i thought when im done my nitrate should be higher that that (20 ppm)......why my nitrate is drop when im done cycle .....thats the only things that im confuse
kewlkatdady said:
nitrates generally wont drop unless there has been a large water change.

I would call it bad test results. Test it again. If if reads 20 ppm again, then I'd call it done.

If you want to be more sure, take a water sample to a LFS or 2 and get them to test it.
well 35-40% w/c but that was lastweek or the week before that .....i been testing 6 times for tonight. all came out nitrate 20ppm
nad if the tank is done then i'll throw some peacock in there..
well i said that i'll kill myself if i start over again.....i just did so i'll kill my self soon :lol: ( not)
ammonia 2ppm
nitrite 5ppm
nitrate ( i didnt even bother to check)
last night i did a 50% water change and start to add ammonia ...tonight that's my reading ,i guess its another 4-6 weeks wait huh?
kewlkatdady said:
i think you should take a dump on your test kit and go get a new one...

either that, or you are way off on your testing abilities.

I've never seen numbers this all over the place.
u know what ...kinda funny though cause thats same ways my buddy hobby told me ....either im color blind or the test kit is old ....
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