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cycle again and what?

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the tank is been cycle for that last ( cant remember) but more than a month for sure ...last few week i did a w/c 35% to bring the nitrate down from 150ppm to about reading few day ago
ammonia 0.25ppm
nitrite 1ppm
nitrate 80ppm
now just 5min ago
ammonia 0.25ppm
nitrite 0ppm
nitrate 20ppm
i test is 2times same reading ....did i do some wrong when i did the w/c .why my nitrate drop ...should my nitrate be higher when my tank done cycle .....and if nitrite 0ppm why ammonia still there????anyone know????
PROV356 where are you bro???
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Well, I'm not exactly sure how you're nitrates, can be over 100, when you're doing a cycle.I'm assuming fishless cycle, that's just crazy.I thoughtyou could only get nitrates like that from a waaaaay overstocked, unclean tak.Then, even 20 is abnormal.... help here fellow fish buddies?
Have you put ANYTHING at all in the tank?
And you treated you're water correct?
Hmmmmmm, then I am totallylost as to how the readings turnedout like that.
We are gonna have to get some help here.
Do you know the pH?
although I don't believe that would really have an effect.....
Lol.I hear ya.Well, I'm really not that sure what could have happened then.....Maybe you should do a 80 - 100 % water change, and just start over...IF you want to try that.Then just add like, say, 20 rosy reds,orlittle cheap goldfish, and go that route...From you're readings, I just don't know..Do you have time, to re-cycle it?
how old are the test kits?
1 - 4 of 24 Posts
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