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Well I've been at the hobby a good 6 months now and have accumulated some tanks, equipment and fish.

I have 3 tanks up and running, they are stocked with fish in various levels of maturity, and am rethinking my stocking options. Currently the stocking is as follows:

55 gal grow out.
Eheim 2215, Emperor 400, AC 110
8 Cobue Juvenile
4 Lab Trewevasea fry.

Thinking of making this the long term Cobue tank and will add someother Mbuna species from the other tanks.

150 gal
FX5, 2 emperor 400.

Male, 4- Fem. Trewavasae
3-Hap 44's from big box were supposed to be Aulonocara sp Sunshine
2-Male - 3-Fem Metraclima Greshaeki
8-Juvinile Cyrtocara Moorii which I'll place in the 180 after further grow out.

And now the problem.

180 gal
FX5, Eheim 2264.

2-Male, 5 Fem Aulonacara Rubecens
7-Albino Protomelus Taiwan Reef
2-Pre adult (1 male 1 fem I think) Cyrtocara Moorii. Want to add the 8 Juveniles for the tank centrepiece.
7-Labidochromis Carealus
3-Hap. Venustus
3-Dimidiochromis Compresseps
6-Metriaclima sp Dolphin (2 males at least)
5-P. Socolifi (aggresive)
1-Male / 1Fem Lab Trewevasae
1-Male Hap 44(had to be separated from co specifics)
5-Clown Loaches.

I believe this tank is overstocked in the long term. The Socolifi and Lab Trewevasae will probably need moving to the 150 - and the Hap 44's (one in 180 and three in 150) are probably on there way out, not much fun in my opinion. (May post a pic for verification of species).

The reason of the post is to ask for opinions on the stocking list and compatability with tank mates.

some pics of 180 ... inthecave/

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