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Cryptoheros sp. 'honduran red point' - Rio Danli

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They arrived!

Okay here's a play by play -they just got released into the tank now but i thought I'd share the unboxing!

The box of the unknown!

Bubble wrap!

Everyone is in their own bag, jumping around

HRP #1

HRP #2

HRP #3

HRP #4 (and my favorite thus far)

HRP #5

The tank with the bags

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great lookin fish, and great presentation :lol: :lol:

Looks like you maybe got at least 2 flashy males, great finnage for young fish, those should grow up to be beauties.

Thanks for sharing.
Thanks - yeah when I ordered them the seller specified it should be 3f/2m, hoping it actually is that way :lol:
Looks like he is a man of his words of course im just a newby so i could be wrong :dancing:
I'm happy they made it :)
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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