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Would you consider this crowded for a 55 gallon tank?:
2 yellow labs
1 red zebra
2 convict cichlids, one big, one small
one tetra
one synodontis eupterus

there is no agression at all, and the 3 african cichlids are pretty small. The filter is an emperor 400. Thanks
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the tetra and the convicts have been living at a 7.8 pH level for 4 and a half months now. I am not getting rid of the africans, i tried to get rid of the convitcs but the pet store wouldnt take them
Dave, the two convicts are male. The bigger one does not do anything to any other fish, except the smaller convict, and the smaller one now hides. I am scared that if the smaller one dies, the big convict will then move on to picking on the other fish. I am going to offer the convicts to one more pet store and see what happens
yes i know, i would like to have a few ps. acei, or maybe demasoni
1 - 4 of 8 Posts
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