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Crossing color morphs (A. Cacatuoides)

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I just picked up a pair of "Orange Flash" a couple days ago. To make a long story short, I wasn't aware there wasn't anything covering my filter intake. After a few minutes searching for my male this morning, I discovered his demise inside the filterbox. I picked him up with a bunch of other stock, some 300 miles away. I can order another, but I'm a little tight on funds now. My intial plan was to sell them to a couple fish stores who have expressed interest. So, I'm thinking I may try to breed the female with my "Double Red" male. Does anyone know what the fry outcome will be? Is one gene dominate? Or will I get a mix? Or a cross?

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I have to bump this before it gets lost in the depths of the forum.
I haven't mixed, but my understanding is that double reds were line bred to produce triple reds, and a recessive mutation out of those produced the orange flash... so, pulling out the crystal ball, you will likely have mostly double reds with a few anomalies thrown in.
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