Crenicichla gillmorlisi

Crenicichla gillmorlisi. Photo by Walter A. Gill Morlis A.​

A new species of Crenicichla, aka pike cichlids, has been found in the Paraná river drainage of Paraguay. Crenicichla is a large genus with around 100 described species. These predatory fish make their homes in rivers, streams and ponds of South America. Most are located in the Amazon basin, but some can be found as far south as central Argentina. While pike cichlid species vary in size from a few inches to up to 2 feet, the new species of Crenicichla gillmorlisi reaches a maximum of around 8".

For a hobbyist, pike cichlids can be a challenge to keep. They can be very aggressive and finding suitable tankmates can be difficult. Aquarium size is also an issue particularly with the larger species. If you are looking for a challenge and think that Crenicichla might be something you are interested in keeping, make sure you read Vinny Kutty's Introduction to Pike Cichlids or Dwarf Pike Cichlids articles.

For complete information on Crenicichla gillmorlisi, the full description can be found on the website