Crenicichla dandara

Crenicichla dandara, female (A) and juvenile (B). Photos by Oliver Lucanus/Publication​

Formerly known as Crenicichla sp. 'Xingu III', the newest described pike cichlid has been named Crenicichla dandara. This species is a member of the lugubris group, the largest-sized pike cichlids. C. dandara males can reach upwards of 12 inches. Found in the rapidly moving waters of the Xingu River of northern Brazil, C. dandara spends its time among large rocks where it hunts for prey. As shown the the picture above, juveniles have a brown/grayish color while adults are dark, almost black throughout most of their body.

Crenicichla dandara was named after the Afro-Brazilian warrior Dandara, who with her husband Zumbi, fought against slavery in Brazil. The complete description of the new C. dandara species can be found More general information on pike cichlids can be found in the New World Cichlids library section. For discussion visit the South American Cichlids forum.