Corematodus taeniatus

Corematodus taeniatus. Photo by Ad Konings​

Another mimic and scale-eater, Corematodus taeniatus preys on unsuspecting sand-dwelling haps from Lake Malawi. While some scale-eaters target the flank of other fish, C. taeniatus prefers the softer and smaller scales from tail area and other fins. This species inhabits small rock formations close to large expanses of sand where it can mix in with its prey. Males are extremely territorial while females live in small groups.

Not surprisingly Corematodus taeniatus isn't often seen in the hobby. Its feeding behavior and aggressive nature make it incompatible with most other fish. Despite its nature, some hobbyists have chosen to keep this species and it can be found in the hobby under the name Haplochromis jacksoni. Best kept in species only tanks and only one male to multiple females. Due to their size and aggressiveness, a large tank is a must. A sand substrate with some flat rocks for spawning. To discuss C. taeniatus visit the Lake Malawi Species forum.