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The used system I acquired came with the 36w UV sterilizer. I am having a few issues with it as I go through the cleaning process for all the equipment.

The UV seems to have a bad bulb ( I ran water through it and plugged it in and no glow on the bottom view port. I can unlock the input output alignment part and remove the outside housing and there is some gunky water inside the glass bulb housing (it isn't full but has like 2 TBS of water in it). I think I need to unscrew the top finned part to get to the bulb itself. That part isn't budging so far.

Anyone that is familiar with these have any suggestions? If the glass housing around the bulb is leaking is this thing toast? I might be able to figure out more if I can get the top cap off.

Any thoughts would be appreciated.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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