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Coralife 72' CF + Lunar..

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Anyone know anything about these & care to comment?

I am not pleased at all with the Marineland Double Brite & returning it... Way too dim in comparison to CF.

It is pricey (about $100.00 more than two 36" DBL BRT LED's - includes bulbs) but it is incredibly versatile + I want the lunar LED's on seperate circuits. Actually, with this unit, there are 3 seperate lighting circuits/power cords. Just curious.

Dimensions: 72" X 7.75" X 2.75" without mounting legs

NOTE: Do not put this light in a canopy. If you have a canopy you'll need a retrofit light.


•Two 96 Watt Actinic and two 96 Watt 10K compact fluorescent lamp
•Six Blue Moon Glow LEDs
•Easily removable acrylic lens cover
•Black Mounting Legs
•One large cooling fan
•Highly polished reflector
•Three on/off switches (one for the actinic bulb, one for the daylight bulb, and one for the lunar lights) & three power cords
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Will do...

Obviously, this light is probably better suited for reef applications due to the cost.
I recently bought a 36" coralife fixture for my 40g, It's not that model, but as far as the quality, I am very pleased. I got the twin tube T5 HO, It has great light output without heating the tank.
I actually have the 72" Coralife Deluxe Lunar series Aqualight fixture and think I may have gotten it in late '05 or early 2006. Definitely wasn't cheap then. I replaced the Actinic bulbs with 6700K bulbs because I was trying to get plants to grow.

After a couple years, I had to replace the 4 cooling fans because they were soooo noisy. I am now only running the two 96W 6700K to cut down on electricity costs. I am using the black adjustable legs to support the fixture over the glass canopy.

The major reasons I purchased the light was due to the 72" length & the black color of the fixture. It lights my 220G tank very well but I wish it used less electricity to operate.

Hope this helps.

Thanks Deeda.. So does yours have the lunar LED's as well?

Wow! Didn't realize that Coralife was building that light assembly for that long...
One other question Deeda...

Would you think that a centered 48" unit would provide adequate light?
Yes, mine also has the six lunar lights.

I don't really know if the 48" unit would work well on a 6 foot tank. I have a standard 48" single T8 bulb on a 125 G tank and the ends are fairly dark.

The 72" unit lights up the 220G tank uniformly all the way to the bottom. The tank is 30" High.

i bought this exact fixture from big als a month ago. paid $416. took forever to get here (11 days), probably due to weather.

fixture looks good and lighting is exellent. I have africans and 10k/actinic really make peacocks and haps look awesome. i wasnt sure whether I would like it but i do.

i agree with deeda that fans are very noisy. and i like her idea to switch them out. (deeda can you tell me what you replaced them with?)

the fixture takes 4 electrical outlets - 1 for 10k, 1 for actinic, and 2 for the lunar lights. i have chosen not to connect the lunar lights since i didnt like the look and won't be using them.

hope this helps
Bighollowwaves, the replacement fans I purchased were made by Silenx (model # 1XP-11-14) and they were 40mm x 40mm x 10mm. They were perfect replacements for the original fans. Unfortunately, after a couple years, they also have become noisy and I need to replace them. But they did last longer than the original fans and were considerably quieter.

My fixture only has 3 cords/switches - 1 for front pair of lights + cooling fans, 1 for rear pair of lights and 1 for the 6 lunar lights.

BTW, Coralife recommends the cooling fans run when any of the CF bulbs are operating. So I only run the front bulbs and the fans. I have no need to have the rear bulbs on for my Mbuna tank. I'm pretty sure this fixture was originally designed for saltwater tanks.


Here is a Link to why I chose to use the Silenx fans as a replacement.
I have the same fixture as Deeda and the replacement bulbs are $100.00 a piece here in Canada. $100.00 x 4 = :( . It does light up the deep tank though.
Thanks for the link Deeda... Very informative...

I think I may just stick with the LED's. Cost is starting to outpace my willingness to change..
cantrell00 said:
Thanks for the link Deeda... Very informative...

I think I may just stick with the LED's. Cost is starting to outpace my willingness to change..
You can always purchase wide-angle LED's for the Lunar effect as well.
You can always purchase wide-angle LED's for the Lunar effect as well.
Yeah, I have looked at the R2 Solutions kits... Have you used them?
Nevermind.. bought the coralife when i found a whale of a deal on it..
Ok, let everyone know how it works for you! :D
Please excuse my bi-polar disorder :thumb:

Will do!
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