EarthTouch video of some of Lake Malawi's nightlife and some impressive Copadichromis bowers.

This episode of EarthTouch's Cichlids of Lake Malawi series starts off with a quick view of some of the lake's nightlife. Catfish, crabs and Protomelas can all be seen in the night footage. It is the second part of the video that really stands out. The team comes across two different types of bowers. The first set of bowers are large excavations big enough to hold a diver. The next type of bowers are raised with a flat top. These also appear to be quite large. The species that constructed these bowers are never identified. While a cichlid is shown constructing a raised bower, it is not clear if this is the species that made the large, flat top bowers. I sent a screen capture of the fish to a friend (ds1196) and he believes it to be a Copadichromis atripinnis. I wasn't aware that Copadichromis bowers could be so large. More information of Copadichromis can be found in the Cichlid Profiles section.

Here is a screen capture of the fish:
Copadichromis bowers