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cool observation

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I noticed that one of my female demasoni was starting to get fat. My first thought was that she was coming down with bloat. A couple of days went by and I starting noticing that her vent was starting to swell. I was totally freaking out at this point, so I called a friend of mine who also raises demasoni. He really didn't know what was going on and also thought that it might be bloat. Now today my female demasoni spawned with one of my males. Now the belly is thinner and the swollan vent is now gone.

I thought that was pretty interesting and I was quite releaved.
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Yeah anytime my female johannis or female yellow labs breed that always happens. Thats the sure tell sign that spawning will happen within a day or two. At least thats how it seems for me. Whats the best way to get them to the point where their vents get swollen? A steady diet with veg. flake/pellet? Or do you think with brine shrimp aka foods high in protein?
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