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Cookie Cutter Setup for 29-gallons
(30x12x18 in / 76x30x46 cm)
by the CF Moderators

29 gallon aquariums are not very different than the 20 gallon long, despite the almost 50% increase in volume. Floor space (or the footprint of an aquarium) is a major factor in determining which species one can keep and how many of them. Most cichlids keep territories and those territories are along the bottom. Since the 20 gallon long and the 29 gallon have the same footprint, they are very similar as far as stocking recommendations are concerned.

All of the recommendations for the 20 gallon long are applicable for the 29 gallon. Instead of listing those recommendations again, please view them here. In addition to those, we feel that there are 3 more valuable stocking plans worth mentioning.
Eye Plant Petal Tints and shades Font

B]Angelfish Aquarium[/B]

Pterophyllum scalare - 1 pair
Rasbora heteromorpha "Harlequin" - 8
Carnegiella strigata "Marbled Hatchet" - 6
Botia almorhae "Yo-yo Loach" - 3
Corydoras adolfoi "Cory Catfish" - 5

Tanganyika Mini-Community

Same as 20 gallon long with the exception of the cookie cutter below.

Victoria & Malawi Combo

Haplochromis sp. "Ruby Green" - trio
Metriaclima lanisticola - 5
Ancistrus temminckii "Bristlenose Pleco" - 2

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