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Convict tank

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I just got a free 29gallon today. So I leak checked it, then cleaned it out. Then I painted the back blue. Next I tore down the 20long, saved 10 gallons of water from it in buckets. Transferred half of my substrate to the 29, and using the same filter. No I have a 3.5" sand bed, and I noticed eggs in the hollowed out driftwood. So, will the tank cycle again and will the eggs make the transition?
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The tank will probably do a mini cycle where you see a small peak in ammonia an nitrite but nothing like a full cycle in intensity or duration. Using the same filter helps the transition a lot faster, so does the substrate.

Hard to say if the eggs will have an issue or not, but since they are convicts if they don't make it you'll have another batch in a less than a month anyways.
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