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Convict Tank Cleaner

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I have my first convict in a 29 gallon long with 3 serpae tetras and one 3-4" pleco...i never realized how messy a fish the convict is. can you make any other suggestions of tank mates that may help with the cleaning process?
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Hmm...this is strange.
In my experience convicts have always been excellent scavengers---constantly swimming about, patrolling for leftover foodbits. Of course, if your convict already has a full tummy, then you might not see this behavior. If that's the case, it's probably best to reduce feedings.

Either way, I think illy-d is right about the pleco being responsible for the bulk of the waste in there. And I second his recommendation on the raphael catfish. I'd go with a few spotted raphaels...they tend to stay smaller than the striped ones, and keeping a few together (as opposed to singly) means you'll see them more. Their size is much more conducive to being kept in this size of tank, and they are very tough little scavengers. I highly recommend them instead of the pleco.

1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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