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Convict question

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I recently picked up what is suppose to be a male pink convict from my lfs. After taking a closer look, His mouth is'nt rounded off like normal cons. It comes to a point . Kinda like a reddevil. But has convict color. Is this possible? Or do I have a hybrid of some sort. As soon as I figure the pic thing out ill post some .Thanks.
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We'd really have to see to know, I mean it could be anything, but a picture is worth 1000 words :thumb:
So I took the fish back. An it is a red devil. I went to petsmart an bought one of those 55gal starter kits for him. I forgot to ask about the pink color . Is this normal? I've never seen a pink devil before. An he's only 3inches long.
pink is normalish for a red devil, but you're going to need a 75 gallon not a 55 gallon for him, the 12" width isn't really wide enough
Gotcha...The 55 is only a temp tank.I just wanted to get him out of my other tank before he decided he did'nt want any tank mates.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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