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Convict Fry Adopted by Angelfish...sort of.

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So I adopted an Angel back last August from a coworker who was moving. I had just gotten back into the hobby and at this point only had a 29, a 55 i hadn't set up yet, and 20 long and a 10 gallon setup. I had just moved into my new place and Decided to convert the 29 which had been the convicts temporary home at my workplace while I moved (this provided a lot of fun for everyone as they had fry and took very good care of them). I turned it into the angel's(name Beelzebub by its former owner, B for short). I had been warned that B was very aggressive and to be careful what I put in with him. So, as my convicts had even more fry just after I moved, I tried to feed him some. He paid them ZERO attention and therefore I have ended up with aroudn 10 cons in the tank with him. They grew slowly since competition for food was very high, but this past month I had two spawn. They became rulers of the tank, with B being the only fish they don't mess with. For the most part they jsut had half the tank(shared with B) with the other cons on the other side. Tonight i look at the tank and realize that with the exception of two other cons which I suspect have spawned, all the other cons are more or less in on corner of the tank.

My first thought is they have been forced there by the breeding cons, which is partially true, but then I notice that B absolutely WILL NOT let any of the fish come near the 3 week old fry except for the parents. My room describes his behavior as "flexing on them" acting as if he's going to chase them, and only chasing them if his threats don't work. Its very intriguing since before now he has very rarely paid any attention to the other fish in his tank.

All this being said I am taking all but 4 of these cons to my LFS and relocating the breeding pairs to give B the tank back. I am considering leaving the fry since he seems so protective of them.

I thought this was interesting behavior even though its from an SA fish I thought the rest of you CA folks would enjoy a good Con story that didn't involve them terrorizing entire tanks.
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