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Converting to an all male tank

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I got tired of fishing out fry from the overflow of my 180 gallon tank. I removed all the Malawi females but have a Cyprichromis leptosoma (Utinta) which I think is a female (long story).

Now I have 2 red peacocks, 1 yellow lab, 1 Placidochromis phenochilus Tanzania and the cyp left in the tank. The lab often hides and frequently is chased by the cyp. The peacocks chase each other and the pheno does his own thing. I need more than five fish for this 180 gallon tank but not sure of a good combination. I'm not too happy with the behavior of fish that either hide or chase.

Do I need to remove a peacock? I thought that removing the females would have eased their aggression towards each other but it actually seems to have increased it since they no longer chase the females.

What other fish should I add? I've been trying to stick with omnivores or peaceful carnivores.
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I haven't had any of the fish you have except the lab, but I've read that in male tanks you shouldn't have 2 fish that look alike so maybe getting rid of one of the red peacocks is something to consider. Also I believe labs like to be in groups so you might want to get rid of him too. He will probably always hide. Then I'd get busy filling it up lol. It's up to you what you like to stock with. Hopefully someone else can help more. Like I said, I'm not familiar with the fish you have left except the lab. Good luck & have fun.
You can do a lovely all male hap/peacock tank with that nice big tank. I can't speak to the two mbuna you have, other than the lab. But you could do something like this:

Add 4 yellow labs (sex not important)
Add 5 p. Acei (sex not important)

Add a whole bunch of peacocks -- one to a species, being sure to pick out males that do not resemble each other. A possible stock list:

Red Empress
Taiwan Reef
Taiwan Reef albino
Otopharynx lithobates
Copadichromis mloto
Ruby/German Red OR Eureka Red (both probably not both)
Red Shoulder
Ngara Flametail
Yellow Jake

Plus 4-5 syndontis multipunctatus or petricola

You will probably need to remove one of your red peacocks as they will likely always spar with each other. I suspect you'll need to get rid of the female Cyp, but I'm not certain.

Good luck!
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Add 4 yellow labs (sex not important)
Add 5 p. Acei (sex not important)
Since I want to avoid fry in the tank overflows--I plan to have only males. I kept the only lab that I was sure was a male. I would love to add more male labs if they'll get along and not hide so much. Big problem is to find labs I can be sure are males.

The two red peacocks have calmed down some. Instead of chasing, the larger one now will display and thats enough to get the other one to swim away. They are both beautiful fish so I'd like to keep both if possible but am willing to sell one if things get rough.
If you have synodontis, you won't have to worry about fry, in my experience. I've been working very hard to save the last remaining baby lab in my tank, who would have been long ago eaten if he didn't stay tucked in the fry pile I built for him . . .
I didn't have much of a fry problem until I moved the fish into a tank with overflows. I am convinced the moms were spitting into them. I once pulled out over 20 fry.

Do you think that synodontis will exchange eggs with the moms? Then, will I get synodontis fry?
I keep hoping that will happen, but the first "spit" was labs. I'll have to see if her second 'spit' is actually synos . . . but I'm not holding my breath. I don't think my guys are quite mature enough. Apparently they are late maturers . . . I would so love to get some little synos, though!
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