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I have a group of P. Acei (1m/4F) and they have been quite generous with their batches. Last one was 70 fry stripped. I even had one with 96 fry.
I always wonder why they get so big batches, but yesterday I sat down and saw the spawning. They were very intense and she picked up a lot of eggs. Cause I have the flue I sat down about 5 hours later and saw them going at it again. So I watched, and thought to myself that my male should try another female cause this one had her mouth full, but then I saw her laying another 15-20 eggs. :eek: I have never seen this before and I startd wondering.
Is this normal?? 5 hours after they finished spawning?? :-?
So if anyone have seen this before let me know. Share your experience please.

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