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I have read on this forum the experiences of other hobbyists that found putting new fry with an older batch of fry resulted in the newer batch just being food.

In my experience with cons the parents (or other fish) ate the fry after a few weeks free swimming so they could start working on the next batch... My tenant however had his cons in a 33g tank and after a couple of attempts the parents actually let about 15 or so of the offspring stick around and they spawned again... This was actually an interesting tank as he had breeding parents along with 15 1.5"+ juvie cons in a standard 33g tank with a couple of bronze cories and nobody bothered the cories - their fins were in perfect condition... He later removed the female to a 90g tank and the 15 or so juvie cons (now over 2.5" for the most part) still get along fine together...

In summary - No you may not need another tank for the fry, but Yes it would serve you well and go along way to enuring a successful feeder program.

Read this; ... p?t=135089

and I agree with what TFG says and get yourself 2 tanks for this endeavor... Also, it will be easier to remove the parents than the fry (the parents will swim into your net while attacking it).
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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