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Madagascar Cichlid Species List
Updated November 2005


Oxylapia polli


Paratilapia polleni
Paratilapia sp. "Small Spots Betsileo Highlands"
Paratilapia sp. "Small Spots East Coast"
Paratilapia sp. "Small Spots Northwest"
Paratilapia sp. "Southwest"


Paretroplus dambabe
Paretroplus damii
Paretroplus aff. "damii" Anjingo River
Paretroplus aff. "damii" Dridrimena
Paretroplus kieneri
Paretroplus cf. kieneri "De La Mangarahara"
Paretroplus cf. kieneri "Ikopa-Betsiboka Drainage"
Paretroplus cf. kieneri "Mahajamba River"
Paretroplus cf. kieneri "Upper Kamoro River"
Paretroplus sp. "Lake Amparihinandrina"
Paretroplus maculatus
Paretroplus sp. "Mahajamba River"
Paretroplus maromandia
Paretroplus aff. "maromandia" De L'Anjingo-Lac Andrapongy
Paretroplus aff. "maromandia" Maevarano
Paretroplus menarambo
Paretroplus aff. "menarambo" Betsiboka-Kamoro
Paretroplus nourissati
Paretroplus petiti
Paretroplus sp. Poamaso Ankarafantsiska
Paretroplus sp. "Poamaso Upper Kamoro River"
Paretroplus polyactis
Paretroplus tsimoly
Paretroplus aff. "tsimoly" Du Haut Kamoro
Paretroplus sp. "Ventriti"


Ptychochromis grandidieri
Ptychochromis cf. grandidieri "Black"
Ptychochromis sp. "Green Montagne D'Ambre"
Ptychochromis inornatus
Ptychochromis sp. "Mahanara River"
Ptychochromis sp. "Manampanihy"
Ptychochromis sp. "Mangarahara River"
Ptychochromis oligacanthus
Ptychochromis sp. "Southwest"
Ptychochromis sp. "Tarantsy"


Ptychochromoides betsileanus
Ptychochromoides sp. "Fiapotsy Manantanana River"
Ptychochromoides itasy
Ptychochromoides katria
Ptychochromoides aff. "katrina" Upper Namorona
Ptychochromoides vondrozo
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