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Lake Malawi Cichlid Species List
Updated August 2004


Alticorpus macrocleithrum
Alticorpus mentale
Alticorpus pectinatum
Alticorpus peterdaviesi
Alticorpus profundicola


Aristochromis christyi


Astatotilapia calliptera
Astatotilapia sp. ''Calliptera Chizumulu''


Aulonocara aquilonium
Aulonocara auditor
Aulonocara baenschi
Aulonocara brevinidus
Aulonocara ethelwynnae
Aulonocara gertrudae
Aulonocara guentheri
Aulonocara hueseri
Aulonocara jacobfreibergi
Aulonocara kandeense
Aulonocara koningsi
Aulonocara korneliae
Aulonocara masoni
Aulonocara maulana
Aulonocara maylandi
Aulonocara nyassae
Aulonocara rostratum
Aulonocara saulosi
Aulonocara stonemani
Aulonocara stuartgranti
Aulonocara trematocephala
Aulonocara cf. ''Macrochir''
Aulonocara sp. ''Chitande type Kande''
Aulonocara sp. ''Chitande type Masinje''
Aulonocara sp. ''Chitande type Mozambique''
Aulonocara sp. ''Chitande type Nkhomo''
Aulonocara sp. ''Chitande type North''
Aulonocara sp. ''German Red''
Aulonocara sp. ''Jalo''
Aulonocara sp. ''Lwanda''
Aulonocara sp. ''Nyassae Mumbo''
Aulonocara sp. ''Rubescens''
Aulonocara sp. ''Stuartgranti Maleri - Chidunga Rocks''
Aulonocara sp. ''Stuartgranti Maleri - Chipoka''
Aulonocara sp. ''Stuartgranti Maleri - Maleri Is.''
Aulonocara sp. ''Stuartgranti Maleri - Nakantenga Is.''
Aulonocara sp. ''Stuartgranti Maleri - Nankoma Is.''
Aulonocara sp. ''Trematocranus Masinje''
Aulonocara sp. ''Turkis''
Aulonocara sp. ''Walteri''
Aulonocara sp. ''Yellow Collar''


Buccochromis atritaeniatus
Buccochromis heterotaenia
Buccochromis lepturus
Buccochromis nototaenia
Buccochromis oculatus
Buccochromis rhoadesii
Buccochromis spectabilis


Caprichromis liemi
Caprichromis orthognathus


Champsochromis caeruleus
Champsochromis sphilorhynchus


Chilotilapia euchilus
Chilotilapia rhoadesii


Copadichromis azureus
Copadichromis borleyi
Copadichromis sp. ''chizumulu blue''
Copadichromis chrysonotus
Copadichromis conophoros
Copadichromis cyaneus
Copadichromis cyclicos
Copadichromis eucinostomus
Copadichromis flavimanus
Copadichromis sp. ''flavimanus lundu''
Copadichromis geertsi
Copadichromis ilesi
Copadichromis inornatus
Copadichromis jacksoni
Copadichromis kawanga
Copadichromis sp. ''kawanga no spot''
Copadichromis sp. ''likoma blue''
Copadichromis likomae
Copadichromis sp. ''likomae masinje''
Copadichromis sp. ''maison''
Copadichromis sp. ''makanjila''
Copadichromis sp. ''mbenji blue''
Copadichromis mbenjii
Copadichromis sp. ''midnight mloto''
Copadichromis mloto
Copadichromis sp. ''mloto goldcrest''
Copadichromis sp. ''mloto liuli''
Copadichromis sp. ''mloto reef''
Copadichromis sp. ''mloto undu''
Copadichromis nkatae
Copadichromis pleurostigma
Copadichromis pleurostigmoides
Copadichromis quadrimaculatus
Copadichromis sp. ''taiwan yellow''
Copadichromis thinos
Copadichromis sp. ''three spot eastern''
Copadichromis trewavasae
Copadichromis trimaculatus
Copadichromis sp. ''tumbi two spot''
Copadichromis verduyni
Copadichromis sp. ''verduyni blueface''
Copadichromis sp. ''verduyni dwarf''
Copadichromis virginalis
Copadichromis sp. ''virginalis chitande''
Copadichromis sp. ''virginalis gold''
Copadichromis sp. ''yellow jumbo''


Corematodus shiranus
Corematodus taeniatus


Ctenopharynx intermedius
Ctenopharynx nitidus
Ctenopharynx pictus
Ctenopharynx sp. ''pictus maleri''


Cyathochromis obliquidens


Cynotilapia afra
Cynotilapia axelrodi
Cynotilapia sp. ''chinyankwazi''
Cynotilapia sp. ''lion''
Cynotilapia sp. ''maleri''
Cynotilapia sp. ''mbamba'' (Nkhungu)
Cynotilapia ndumbi


Cyrtocara moorii


Dimidiochromis compressiceps
Dimidiochromis dimidiatus
Dimidiochromis kiwinge
Dimidiochromis strigatus


Diplotaxodon aeneus
Diplotaxodon apogon
Diplotaxodon argenteus
Diplotaxodon sp. ''brevimaxillaris''
Diplotaxodon ecclesi
Diplotaxodon greenwoodi
Diplotaxodon limnothrissa
Diplotaxodon macrops
Diplotaxodon sp. ''macrostoma''
Diplotaxodon sp. ''white top''


Docimodus evelynae
Docimodus johnstonii


Exochochromis anagenys


Fossorochromis rostratus


Genyochromis mento


Gephyrochromis lawasi
Gephyrochromis moorii
Gephyrochromis sp. ''patricki''
Gephyrochromis sp. ''zebroides''
Gephyrochromis sp. ''sand'' (Undu Reef)
Gephyrochromis sp. ''sand blackfin''


Hemitaeniochromis sp. ''insignis''
Hemitaeniochromis sp. ''paedophage''
Hemitaeniochromis sp. ''spilopterus''
Hemitaeniochromis sp. ''spilopterus blue''
Hemitaeniochromis sp. ''spilopterus jalo''
Hemitaeniochromis sp. ''spilopterus kande''
Hemitaeniochromis urotaenia
Hemitaeniochromis sp. ''urotaenia tanzania''
Hemitaeniochromis sp. ''urotaenia yellow''


Hemitilapia oxyrhynchus


Iodotropheus sprengerae
Iodotropheus stuartgranti


Labeotropheus fuelleborni
Labeotropheus trewavasae
Labeotropheus sp. ''Trewavasae chiloelo''


Labidochromis sp. ''blue bar''
Labidochromis caeruleus
Labidochromis sp. ''caeruleus chilucha''
Labidochromis chisumulae
Labidochromis sp. ''chisumulae mbweca''
Labidochromis flavigulis
Labidochromis freibergi
Labidochromis gigas
Labidochromis sp. ''gigas chidunga''
Labidochromis sp. ''gigas chilumba''
Labidochromis sp. ''gigas cobwe''
Labidochromis sp. ''gigas lupingu''
Labidochromis sp. ''gigas mara''
Labidochromis sp. ''gigas pombo''
Labidochromis heterodon
Labidochromis sp. ''hongi''
Labidochromis sp. ''hora''
Labidochromis ianthinus
Labidochromis sp. ''likomae''
Labidochromis lividus
Labidochromis sp. ''lividus mozambique''
Labidochromis sp. ''lividus nkhungu''
Labidochromis sp. ''lundu blue''
Labidochromis maculicauda
Labidochromis sp. ''mara''
Labidochromis sp. ''mbamba''
Labidochromis mbenjii
Labidochromis mylodon
Labidochromis pallidus
Labidochromis sp. ''perlmutt''
Labidochromis shiranus
Labidochromis strigatus
Labidochromis textilis
Labidochromis sp. ''textilis blue''
Labidochromis sp. ''textilis cobalt''
Labidochromis vellicans
Labidochromis sp. ''zebra eastern''
Labidochromis sp. ''zebroides''


Lethrinops albus
Lethrinops altus
Lethrinops argenteus
Lethrinops sp. ''aulonocara type''
Lethrinops auritus
Lethrinops sp. ''auritus lion''
Lethrinops sp. ''auritus selewa''
Lethrinops borealis
Lethrinops christyi
Lethrinops sp. ''christy fort maguire''
Lethrinops furcifer
Lethrinops gossei
Lethrinops leptodon
Lethrinops lethrinus
Lethrinops longimanus
Lethrinops sp. ''longimanus likoma''
Lethrinops longipinnis
Lethrinops sp. ''longipinnis ntekete''
Lethrinops lunaris
Lethrinops macracanthus
Lethrinops macrochir
Lethrinops macrophthalmus
Lethrinops marginatus
Lethrinops sp. ''maylandia mix''
Lethrinops sp. ''mdoka red''
Lethrinops micrentodon
Lethrinops sp. ''micrentodon makokola''
Lethrinops microdon
Lethrinops microstoma
Lethrinops sp. ''microstoma gold''
Lethrinops sp. ''mylodon''
Lethrinops sp. ''nyassae''
Lethrinops oculatus
Lethrinops parvidens
Lethrinops polli
Lethrinops stridei
Lethrinops sp. ''yellow collar''


Lichnochromis acuticeps


Melanochromis auratus
Melanochromis sp. ''auratus elongate''
Melanochromis baliodigma
Melanochromis brevis
Melanochromis sp. ''brown''
Melanochromis chipokae
Melanochromis cyaneorhabdos
Melanochromis dialeptos
Melanochromis interruptus
Melanochromis joanjohnsonae
Melanochromis johannii
Melanochromis labrosus
Melanochromis lepidiadaptes
Melanochromis melanopterus
Melanochromis sp. ''northern blue''
Melanochromis parallelus
Melanochromis perileucos
Melanochromis robustus
Melanochromis sp. ''robustus mbenji''
Melanochromis simulans
Melanochromis vermivorus


Metriaclima sp. "aggressive bars"
Metriaclima aurora
Metriaclima sp. ''aurora black tail''
Metriaclima sp. ''aurora blue''
Metriaclima sp. ''aurora chinuni''
Metriaclima sp. ''aurora lumbaulo''
Metriaclima sp. ''aurora yellow''
Metriaclima barlowi
Metriaclima benetos
Metriaclima sp. ''black dorsal''
Metriaclima sp. ''black dorsal chiloelo''
Metriaclima sp. ''black dorsal cobalt''
Metriaclima sp. ''black dorsal'' (Maleri)
Metriaclima sp. ''black dorsal mbenji''
Metriaclima sp. ''black dorsal nkhungu''
Metriaclima sp. ''black dorsal nkolongwe''
Metriaclima sp. ''black dorsal thundu''
Metriaclima sp. ''blue reef''
Metriaclima callainos
Metriaclima sp. "chinyankwazi"
Metriaclima chrysomallos
Metriaclima cyneusmarginatus
Metriaclima sp. "daktari"
Metriaclima sp. ''dolphin''
Metriaclima sp. ''dolphin'' (Ndonga)
Metriaclima elegans
Metriaclima estherae
Metriaclima sp. ''estherae blueface''
Metriaclima fainzilberi
Metriaclima flavifemina (Thumbi West)
Metriaclima greshakei
Metriaclima hajomaylandi
Metriaclima sp. ''hajomaylandi pombo''
Metriaclima sp. "lime nkhomo"
Metriaclima lanisticola
Metriaclima lombardoi
Metriaclima mbenjii
Metriaclima sp. ''mbweca''
Metriaclima sp. ''membe deep''
Metriaclima sp. ''msobo''
Metriaclima sp. ''msobo heteropictus''
Metriaclima sp. ''patricki''
Metriaclima phaeos
Metriaclima pulpican
Metriaclima pyrsonotos
Metriaclima xanstomachus
Metriaclima zebra
Metriaclima sp. ''zebra bevous''
Metriaclima sp. ''zebra blue''
Metriaclima sp. ''zebra chilumba''
Metriaclima sp. ''zebra gold''
Metriaclima sp. ''zebra long pelvic''
Metriaclima sp. ''zebra mbamba''
Metriaclima sp. ''zebra slim''
Metriaclima sp. ''zebra yellow tail''


Mylochromis anaphyrmus
Mylochromis balteatus
Mylochromis sp. ''chrysogaster line''
Mylochromis epichorialis
Mylochromis ericotaenia
Mylochromis formosus
Mylochromis gracilis
Mylochromis guentheri
Mylochromis sp. ''guentheri mbenji''
Mylochromis incola
Mylochromis sp. ''incola mumbo''
Mylochromis sp. ''kande
Mylochromis labidodon
Mylochromis lateristriga
Mylochromis sp. ''lateristriga makanjila''
Mylochromis sp. ''lateristriga nkhata''
Mylochromis melanonotus
Mylochromis sp. ''melanonotus deep''
Mylochromis melanotaenia
Mylochromis mola
Mylochromis mollis
Mylochromis sp. ''mollis chitande''
Mylochromis obtusus
Mylochromis plagiotaenia
Mylochromis sphaerodon
Mylochromis spilostichus
Mylochromis subocularis


Naevochromis chrysogaster


Nimbochromis fuscotaeniatus
Nimbochromis linni
Nimbochromis livingstonii
Nimbochromis polystigma
Nimbochromis venustus


Nyassachromis boadzulu
Nyassachromis breviceps
Nyassachromis sp. ''interruptus''
Nyassachromis leuciscus
Nyassachromis microcephalus
Nyassachromis sp. ''mpanga''
Nyassachromis nigritaeniatus
Nyassachromis prostoma
Nyassachromis purpurans
Nyassachromis serenus


Oreochromis karongae
Oreochromis lidole
Oreochromis shiranus
Oreochromis squamipinnis


Otopharynx argyrosoma
Otopharynx auromarginatus
Otopharynx sp. ''auromarginatus goldhead''
Otopharynx sp. ''auromarginatus jakuta''
Otopharynx sp. ''auromarginatus mara''
Otopharynx sp. ''auromarginatus margrette''
Otopharynx brooksi
Otopharynx sp. ''cave''
Otopharynx decorus
Otopharynx sp. ''decorus jumbo''
Otopharynx sp. ''golden blueface''
Otopharynx heterodon
Otopharynx sp. ''heterodon boadzulu''
Otopharynx sp. ''heterodon likoma''
Otopharynx sp. ''heterodon longnose''
Otopharynx sp. ''heterodon nankhumba''
Otopharynx lithobates
Otopharynx ovatus
Otopharynx selenurus
Otopharynx sp. ''silver torpedo''
Otopharynx speciosus
Otopharynx spots
Otopharynx tetraspilus
Otopharynx tetrastigma
Otopharynx sp. ''torpedo blue''
Otopharynx walteri


Pallidochromis sp. ''chicken''
Pallidochromis tokolosh


Petrotilapia sp. ''black flank''
Petrotilapia sp. ''chitande''
Petrotilapia sp. ''chitimba''
Petrotilapia chrysos
Petrotilapia sp. ''fuscous''
Petrotilapia genalutea
Petrotilapia hara
Petrotilapia microgalana
Petrotilapia sp. ''likoma barred''
Petrotilapia sp. ''likoma variable''
Petrotilapia sp. ''mumbo blue''
Petrotilapia sp. ''mumbo yellow''
Petrotilapia *****
Petrotilapia sp. ''***** jalo''
Petrotilapia sp. ''***** tanzania''
Petrotilapia sp. ''***** tumbi''
Petrotilapia sp. ''orange pelvic''
Petrotilapia sp. ''retrognathus''
Petrotilapia sp. ''ruarwe''
Petrotilapia tridentiger
Petrotilapia sp. ''yellow chin''
Petrotilapia sp. ''yellow ventral''


Placidochromis sp. ''blue otter''
Placidochromis electra
Placidochromis sp. ''electra blackfin''
Placidochromis sp. ''electra blue''
Placidochromis sp. ''electra boadzulu''
Placidochromis sp. ''electra mozambique''
Placidochromis sp. ''electra type''
Placidochromis hennydaviesae
Placidochromis sp. ''jalo''
Placidochromis johnstoni
Placidochromis sp. ''johnstoni solo''
Placidochromis longimanus
Placidochromis sp. ''longimanus mumbo''
Placidochromis sp. ''mbamba''
Placidochromis milomo
Placidochromis phenochilus
Placidochromis sp. ''phenochilus tanzania''


Protomelas annectens
Protomelas fenestratus
Protomelas sp. ''hertae''
Protomelas sp. ''insignis small''
Protomelas kirkii
Protomelas labridens
Protomelas macrodon
Protomelas marginatus
Protomelas sp. ''mbenji thick lip''
Protomelas ornatus
Protomelas pleurotaenia
Protomelas similis
Protomelas spilonotus
Protomelas sp. ''spilonotus likoma''
Protomelas sp. ''spilonotus mozambique''
Protomelas sp. ''spilonotus tanzania''
Protomelas sp. ''steveni black belly''
Protomelas sp. ''steveni imperial''
Protomelas sp. ''steveni taiwan''
Protomelas taeniolatus
Protomelas triaenodon
Protomelas virgatus
Protomelas sp. ''virgatus luwala''
Protomelas sp. ''virgatus mumbo''
Protomelas vuae


Pseudotropheus sp. ''acei''
Pseudotropheus sp. ''aggressive brown''
Pseudotropheus sp. ''aggressive grey''
Pseudotropheus sp. ''aggressive grey head''
Pseudotropheus sp. ''aggressive yellow fin''
Pseudotropheus sp. ''aggressive zebra''
Pseudotropheus ater
Pseudotropheus sp. ''burrower''
Pseudotropheus sp. ''chinyankwazi''
Pseudotropheus crabro
Pseudotropheus sp. ''crabro blue''
Pseudotropheus cyaneus
Pseudotropheus demasoni
Pseudotropheus sp. ''dumpy''
Pseudotropheus sp. ''dumpy chitimba''
Pseudotropheus sp. ''dumpy tanzania''
Pseudotropheus sp. ''dwarf gold''
Pseudotropheus sp. ''dwarf nkhata''
Pseudotropheus elongatus
Pseudotropheus sp. ''Elongatus aggressive''
Pseudotropheus sp. ''Elongatus bee''
Pseudotropheus sp. ''Elongatus boadzulu''
Pseudotropheus sp. ''Elongatus brown''
Pseudotropheus sp. ''Elongatus chailosi''
Pseudotropheus sp. ''Elongatus chewere''
Pseudotropheus sp. ''Elongatus chidunga''
Pseudotropheus sp. ''Elongatus chitimba''
Pseudotropheus sp. ''Elongatus chisumulu''
Pseudotropheus sp. ''Elongatus gold bar''
Pseudotropheus sp. ''Elongatus greenback''
Pseudotropheus sp. ''Elongatus kirondo''
Pseudotropheus sp. ''Elongatus linganjala''
Pseudotropheus sp. ''Elongatus masimbwe''
Pseudotropheus sp. ''Elongatus mbako''
Pseudotropheus sp. ''Elongatus mbenji blue''
Pseudotropheus sp. ''Elongatus mbenji brown''
Pseudotropheus sp. ''Elongatus mdoka''
Pseudotropheus sp. ''Elongatus metangula''
Pseudotropheus sp. ''Elongatus mozambique brown''
Pseudotropheus sp. ''Elongatus mpanga''
Pseudotropheus sp. ''Elongatus namalenje''
Pseudotropheus sp. ''Elongatus ndumbi''
Pseudotropheus sp. ''Elongatus ngkuyo
Pseudotropheus sp. ''Elongatus nkhata blue''
Pseudotropheus sp. ''Elongatus ornatus''
Pseudotropheus sp. ''Elongatus ornatus tanzania''
Pseudotropheus sp. ''Elongatus reef''
Pseudotropheus sp. ''Elongatus ruarwe''
Pseudotropheus sp. ''Elongatus slab''
Pseudotropheus sp. ''Elongatus spot''
Pseudotropheus sp. ''Elongatus taiwan''
Pseudotropheus sp. ''Elongatus usisya''
Pseudotropheus sp. ''Elongatus yellow tail''
Pseudotropheus flavus
Pseudotropheus fuscus
Pseudotropheus sp. ''fuscus dwarf''
Pseudotropheus galanos
Pseudotropheus heteropictus
Pseudotropheus sp. ''kingsizei londo''
Pseudotropheus sp. ''kingsizei lupingu''
Pseudotropheus sp. ''kingsizei manda''
Pseudotropheus sp. ''kingsizei north''
Pseudotropheus sp. ''kingsizei tumbi''
Pseudotropheus sp. ''lime''
Pseudotropheus sp. '' lime jalo''
Pseudotropheus longior
Pseudotropheus minutus
Pseudotropheus sp. ''minutus mozambique''
Pseudotropheus sp. ''minutus tanzania''
Pseudotropheus modestus
Pseudotropheus sp. ''ndumbi gold''
Pseudotropheus perspicax
Pseudotropheus sp. ''perspicax hara''
Pseudotropheus sp. ''perspicax orange cap''
Pseudotropheus sp. ''perspicax tanzania''
Pseudotropheus sp. ''perspicax yellow breast''
Pseudotropheus sp. ''polit''
Pseudotropheus sp. ''polit tumbi''
Pseudotropheus pulpican
Pseudotropheus purpuratus
Pseudotropheus sp. ''red dorsal''
Pseudotropheus saulosi
Pseudotropheus socolofi
Pseudotropheus sp. ''socolofi nkolongwe''
Pseudotropheus sp. ''taiwan''
Pseudotropheus sp. ''thin stripe''
Pseudotropheus sp. ''tiny''
Pseudotropheus tursiops
Pseudotropheus sp. ''tursiops chitande''
Pseudotropheus sp. ''tursiops mbenji''
Pseudotropheus sp. ''variable eastern''
Pseudotropheus sp. ''variable kande''
Pseudotropheus williamsi
Pseudotropheus sp. ''williamsi makanjila''
Pseudotropheus sp. ''williamsi nkudzi''
Pseudotropheus sp. ''williamsi north''
Pseudotropheus sp. ''zebra hara''
Pseudotropheus sp. ''zebra mbowe''
Pseudotropheus sp. ''zebra ruarwe''


Rhamphochromis esox
Rhamphochromis ferox
Rhamphochromis sp. ''Ferox Yellow Fin''
Rhamphochromis sp. ''longfin''
Rhamphochromis longiceps
Rhamphochromis macrophthalmus
Rhamphochromis maldeco
Rhamphochromis slender
Rhamphochromis stripe
Rhamphochromis woodi


Sciaenochromis ahli
Sciaenochromis benthicola
Sciaenochromis fryeri
Sciaenochromis sp. ''nyassae''
Sciaenochromis psammophilus


Serranochromis robustus


Stigmatochromis sp. ''guttatus''
Stigmatochromis modestus
Stigmatochromis sp. ''modestus eastern''
Stigmatochromis sp. ''modestus makokola''
Stigmatochromis pholidophorus
Stigmatochromis pleurospilus
Stigmatochromis sp. ''spilostichus type''
Stigmatochromis sp. ''tolae''
Stigmatochromis woodi


Taeniochromis holotaenia


Taeniolethrinops cyrtonotus
Taeniolethrinops furcicauda
Taeniolethrinops sp. ''furcicauda liuli''
Taeniolethrinops sp. ''furcicauda ntekete''
Taeniolethrinops laticeps
Taeniolethrinops sp. ''laticeps itungi''
Taeniolethrinops praeorbitalis


Tilapia rendalli


Tramitichromis brevis
Tramitichromis intermedius
Tramitichromis lituris
Tramitichromis sp. ''lituris yellow''
Tramitichromis sp. ''red flush''
Tramitichromis trilineatus
Tramitichromis variabilis


Trematocranus brevirostris
Trematocranus labifer
Trematocranus microstoma
Trematocranus placodon


Tropheops sp. ''aurora''
Tropheops sp. ''band''
Tropheops sp. ''black''
Tropheops sp. ''black dorsal''
Tropheops sp. ''black hara''
Tropheops sp. ''boadzulu''
Tropheops sp. ''broad mouth''
Tropheops sp. ''chilumba''
Tropheops sp. ''chilumba type''
Tropheops sp. ''chinyamwezi''
Tropheops sp. ''chinyankwazi''
Tropheops sp. ''chitimba''
Tropheops sp. ''chitimba blue''
Tropheops sp. ''chitimba yellow''
Tropheops sp. ''dark''
Tropheops sp. ''deep''
Tropheops sp. ''goldbreast''
Tropheops sp. ''gold otter''
Tropheops sp. ''gome yellow''
Tropheops gracilior
Tropheops sp. ''higga''
Tropheops sp. ''lilac''
Tropheops sp. ''lucerna''
Tropheops sp. ''lucerna blue aggressive''
Tropheops sp. ''lucerna blue cobalt''
Tropheops sp. ''lucerna blue mozambique''
Tropheops sp. ''lucerna blue mphandi''
Tropheops sp. ''lucerna blue tanzania''
Tropheops sp. ''lucerna brown chia''
Tropheops sp. ''lucerna fin spot''
Tropheops sp. ''lumessi blue''
Tropheops macrophthalmus
Tropheops sp. ''maleri blue''
Tropheops sp. ''maleri yellow''
Tropheops sp. ''mauve''
Tropheops sp. ''mauve yellow''
Tropheops sp. ''mbenji blue''
Tropheops sp. ''mbenji yellow''
Tropheops sp. ''membe''
Tropheops sp. ''microstoma''
Tropheops sp. ''mumbo''
Tropheops novemfasciatus
Tropheops sp. ''olive''
Tropheops sp. ''red cheek''
Tropheops sp. ''red fin''
Tropheops romandi
Tropheops sp. ''rust''
Tropheops sp. ''sand''
Tropheops sp. ''taiwan''
Tropheops tropheops
Tropheops sp. ''weed''
Tropheops sp. ''yellow chin''
Tropheops sp. ''yellow gular''


Tyrannochromis macrostoma
Tyrannochromis nigriventer
Tyrannochromis maculiceps
Tyrannochromis polyodon
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