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compatiblty ?

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Was at fish store and they have three yellow calvus been there awhile and thinking of rescuing them they don't look.happy anywho was going to stick them in with 5 brevis "minutus" or w/e there called do you think they would be ok in there its a 20l
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For the short term- they'll be fine, but if the altos are of breeding age, the tank size might be a bit small for them to successfully pair off.
Id say they are about 2.5" - 3" I do plan on another 75 but not sure when that will be happening maybe end of the summer closer to winter
No other thoughts on the matter? :zz:
Frazee86 said:
No other thoughts on the matter? :zz:
I would say at that size I would pass on em for a 20g with a shelly.
If they fight (between themselves) no real room to escape.
My own Pair of calvus refuse to get on in anything smaller than a 48" long tank. I know folk who have bred em in 20g without other fish but I think its a big gamble popping 3 unpaired unbreeding ones in a 20g with a shelly

All the best James
indeed im in agreement as well. if you really must save one or two of these guys i suggest u find a temporary home for them and get on that 75g hunt. just my two cents.
Im assuming 20L is not a not liter but 20 gal long?? In which case you should be fine popping 1 or 2 of them in there I have 2 altos in a 26gal bowfront and theyre quite happy, although they have been raised from fry in there and there was a third one who disappeared one day only to find his corpse buried in rocks a few days later :-?
One calvus plus small shelly in a 20g long yes. A pair of calvus (ditto) prob. A male and two females without the shelly again possibly, if the females are given cover in the form of caves or shells they can get into but not the bigger male. But no way two males and prob not enough room to pair three random fish (with shellys taking up part of a very small tank) without the loss of at least some fish.
Just getting a pair from three in a 26g is good going. :thumb: But to assume it is usual from 3 young fish or to assume it would naturaly happen in a 20g long most of the time (esp with the added space the shelly takes up) would I think be a mistake. They will eat brevis/minutus young. But then thats part of the reason to want them?

All the best James
Well just wanted them cuz they don't seem happy and altos are hard to pass up haha just pass on them for now I have a 75 lined up already just waiting till I want it or the guy needs it gone before I decide I want it so could be soon could not be setting up another shellie tank this weekend o well
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