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Just about to start cycling a new 120g (4') and game planning livestock. The plan is to get juvenile males (gender confirmed) to watch them grow and develop their colors. Thus far, 15-20 looks to be the target number for overstocking my tank type. Agree? Disagree?

I've made a list and organized them by color to help reduce potential conflict between individuals that are very similarly colored but would greatly appreciate advice! Can't upload the spreadsheet so I'll attach images of the grouping below.

Species that I'm concerned with aggression between them I'll put on the same line.
Chidunga Rocks, Red Sun, Taiwan Reef
Otter Point, Red Top Lwanda
Red Empress, Reuben (Ruby), German Red, Eureka Red
Ngara Flametail, Mdoka Flametail, Midnight Peacock
Chiloelo "Orange Band"
Blue Regal (Stuartgranti cobue)

Yellow Blaze Z, Sulfur Head, Yellow Head, Korneliae Blue Gold
Ethywynnae Chitande
Usisya Flavascent
Undu Point (Neon Undu), Blue Dorsal
Lemon Jake

Tropheus Duboisi (know they change and I love the adult coloring)
Astatotilapia Calliptera (not sold on this species)
Firefish "Dragon blood"

Idea was to shoot for one of each line. Thoughts? Advice?


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I like 12 individuals that mature <= six inches in a 48" tank.

You have quite a few that are larger than six inches.

Also whether stocking a 48" tank or a 72" tank I found the less aggressive fish did not color well with the more aggressive fish as tank mates. So I like the wimpy peacocks like Ngara and I found success with a theme of less aggressive haps and peacocks.

I don't think you will find 12 peacocks that look nothing alike. Taken to extreme but to get the almost comes down to one red (includes pink and orange), one yellow and one blue. I did find that Maleri and Usisya (both yellow) did well together.

I would skip the tropheus or make it a species tropheus tank with no peacocks.
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