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Few quick questions for you hap/peacock all male tank owners.....

First, I currently have a yellow fin borleyi hes about 6inches or bigger. Tank boss but not overly aggressive. Question is, could I add a red fin borleyi? They look different enough but wanted to see if anyone had had experience with keeping both red and yellow fin borleyi in the same tank.

Second, I have a VC 10 who's huge but a gentle giant. Very mild temperament despite being 6-7+inches. Thinking about adding a fusco to the mix but he's gonna be another huge fella. I don't wanna risk too many big guys in the tank (6ft/125g) and I've heard mix reviews of having fusco.

So basically what have you all heard about multiple borleyi (albeit different) in the tank and fuscos?

Thanks in advance!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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