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Comp Violence?

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A few days ago I posted something about my new comps hiding a lot. I've been watching them lately and it looks like all of them have trouble with their jaws. The biggest one among them has his slightly open and the upper lip looks to have gotten scrapped off but looks to have healed already, the lighter shade is the giveaway. Both of the smaller ones have their jaws extended and locked in place. They go this way around 2 weeks apart from each other. The one who got lock jaw first seems to be on the mend, the jaw isn’t as extended anymore but it still juts out a bit and doesn’t look normal.

I have a feeling that the 3 may have been involved in fighting and it’s caused all of them to mess up their mouths. I didn’t expect this because whenever I saw aggression from the bigger one, the smaller ones would just turn their sides to them. Nobody actually looked like they would go mouth to mouth. I guess this might not be normal because these are just juveniles. Hopefully they heal and start swimming around more often, instead of just hiding. They have not been eating either and my biggest worry is they starve themselves to death.

Sorry for the long post, but if you guys have any comments or ideas they would be appreciated. Thanks!
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It's just stress
My old comps I had did this all the time. Mostly when I had been in there tank, but they always were back to normal within a day.
and I would try feeding them some live brine or even some frozen, thats what I do when my comps start to be bad eaters
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