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Coming back

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Getting back into the hobby after a 10 year hiatus. My user name was robotlove1 if anyone remembers me lol.
Species I've kept and bred are WC cyps, calvus, and multis. Going to do a 75 gal with a similar community.
What's new in the fish keeping world? Filters, lights etc etc?? All my tanks before were equipped with xp3s, ac110s, hydor eths, and lED lights. What's changed? More importantly where is everyone getting their fish from? Looking for wild caught fish.
This site is a lot different now too. What went down? No tank of the month, no sponsors, etc etc. Mass exodus?
It's good that tons of the info remains. This site is an invaluable resource.
Spill the beans lol.
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I still like all the brands and equipment you specify.

For vendors, check out Retailer Reviews and PM a Member of Mod for recommendations.

Some newbies are relying on Facebook now, and a lot of LFS and retailers have gone out of business. But Cichlid-forum still has the advantage of profiles and articles and historical posts from very experienced fishkeepers that focus on cichlids.
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