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I am in the process of combining two tanks into one while reusing some setup and equipment. I am wondering what to expect in terms of cycling the new tank and how to be sure cycle is done. I expect quick cycling process but I am afraid in particular that I may misjudge if nitrite spike has passed as it may look very different under these conditions.
I already took down 75gal and saved substrate but it is sitting relatively dried out for about a month. 50gal will be dismantled the same day as new 125gal will be set. 50gal substrate will go directly from it to a new one, will be combined with saved 75gal substrate. 75gal used two Rena Filstar xp3 canister filters. 50gal uses one Eheim 2213 and one Eheim 2215. Rena canisters have been inactive and cleaned for about a month. Eheim will be active up to the transfer. I like Eheim media so I will combine these filters as follows: I will use two standard Eheim media types, mechanical and biological (small cylinders and small spheres) each in one of drawers of Rena filters. This media I expect to still be live. There will be one rough sponge from Rena original setup (dried and presumed dead) and I will replace final media in Rena with 2" 40ppi Poret foam. This will be brand new, never used. I have good experience using this type of Poret as the final step in my Eheim filters for a long time but the size and shape prevents me using old live Poret from Eheims... I will use just two Rena filters on 125gal but as explained with most of the media in them from active Eheims. Most of decorative rock will come from old 75gal, they've been dry for a month. One about12"*15" fake rock will be used from active 50gal. I will house fish (Malawi Mbuna and Haps) in other existing aquariums but at crowded conditions so faster I can have new 125gal ready-better.
So, any ideas what can I expect in terms of cycling under these conditions? Any advice?
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