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Colorado Rockies Fish Stores???

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I am in the process of setting up my Malawi tank and although i am not ready to stock the tank yet, I am starting to wonder where I will be getting the fish from. Important detail, huh... Anyway, I live in Vail and Denver is about 2 hrs from me and Grand Junction is 2 hrs from me. Nothing really inbetween except some sweet skiing. Any recommendations on stores local or not that I could use to stock the tank? Thanks in advance...
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I would check the reviews section on Retailers up at the top of the page. The mods prefer if we keep retailers names out of the forums.
Also consider ordering your fish on line.
Just so you know, there isnt much in the way of fish here in Grand Junction either man.
What are you planning to keep? Hap\ peacocks or mbuna?
I planned on primarily Mbuna... how are fish shipped if ordered online???
Air freight for airport pickup, or overnight express to your home.

Think of it this way...that's how they got here from Africa and that's how they got from the hatchery to the LFS.
Have you looked in the yellow Pages yet?
I ordered some White Top Haras a few months ago, they came all singlly bagged with heat packs (obviously heat packs wouldnt apply now). All 13 of the `14 fish arrived alive and very healthy. The one death came from the bag that had 2 fish in it.
Good to know... shipping packages to 8000' where i live does not seem ideal, especially due to the fact that the closest "major" airport is still 2+ hours away... what is the best method for transporting fish 2+ hours in a car???
The LFS or shipper can bag the fish with oxygen and the fish are good in a bag for 48 hours or more.

If you pick up fish from the airport just transport them in the unopened box. No problems.
I just got an order and they were all sick. Lost some of my fish I already had established.... I don't think I will be ordering from online again. There is a few good spots in the Denver Metro area if your gonna make the trip might as well hit all the shops.
Denver shop ideas??? Not too familiar with the city so instead of tracking all over the city, hints would help.
Because we have a 'Reviews' section that includes opinions on retailers, we ask that you take advantage of this resource when possible. We feel that it is better for all who use the site to have a structured place to conduct reviews and recommendations. Reviews on a discussion board quickly become buried and it is inevitable that your input will not be seen next time, or the time after that. This is not the case with the Reviews section. In addition, it is easy to compare retailers and products there. Thank you for your consideration.
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