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Cobalt blue

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I have 4 cobalt blue all just over a year old, all ordered from the same guy as babies but they have matured in pairs so to speak. The biggest blue, the first pic, is the tank boss and controls half the tank, then second pic is the wanna be boss and controls the other side, both are big and a beautiful baby blue, very striking fish . The third pic represents the other two, both are smaller and more purple, both hide behind the rocks. There is a huge difference in behavior. None of these have had babies, I'm wondering if there are two dominant males and two subs or are the purple ones female? The pics entered backwards, the bottom is the boss, middle is sub boss, top is sub or female.


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I've had this happen and thought all must be males, but then re-arranged their tank and presto = breeding. You could disrupt their heirarchy though and have them turn on each other; I would just keep an eye on things if you decide to change things up. Nice looking cobalts!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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