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And welcome to Cichlid Form! :)
With your first post? Looks like you are coming in to this forum with an agenda and a position already on that Clown Knife fish.
And sure! Chitala ornata, Clown Knife Fish make a great, large-growing fish to keep in larger aquariums.
Face Sky Plant Jaw Fin

Considered a problem in Florida as an invasive species, the predatory traits of this fish are pretty obvious from the photo.
And well, Clown Knife Fish are a long-lived species, that unfortunately really never do stop growing. Kept with larger Cichlids such as African Haps or larger New World types, they tend to do well in six foot long (plus) sized tanks.
But, as you can see.... if any fish kept with a Clown Knife Fish is small enough to fit in it's mouth? It will almost certainly be eaten one day.
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