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Cleaning tank?

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When cleaning a tank do you have to move all the rocks and deco. so you can vaccum underneath? i feel like everytime i clean the tank they lose their favorite spots.
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well how often are you vaccuming your tank out? and does it have enough suction to were you dont have to remove anything?
You don't have to do that every water change but you should do it at least every couple of months. This is where i get lazy cause i have a lot of rocks. And sometimes its good to move the rocks around so the fish don't become so territorial. Don't worry they'll find new favorite spots.
It's not something I do on a normal schedule but then my tanks are pretty active with breeding and moving fish around. I move some rocks and clean under them and find they do collect a lot of debris under them. Does it hurt to leave it there? Seems that if left there for long enough to get a large amount of grunge collected--- it might. The whole idea of vacing is too make it look better but also to keep debris collected so that it doesn't overload the filtering. To me the question becomes whether the filtering can keep up with the bio-load if I let a large amount of debris gather under the rocks. If it stays there long enough to begin to smell and be a septic area, that's bad. If it is only a matter of it being there and the filtering is keeping the water in good shape, I don't worry about it.
Depends on tank and occupants how often I do this, but I've never found it to be a problem. Fish will find new spots. And it'll usually be right where the old one was.
I've noticed that I need to remove mine cause when I do poo galore!
I usually remove half the rocks. Than I use my hand and fan out all the debris from the remaining rocks. That way I don't have to remove them all and get the floor wet.
Some use a turkey baster or battery filling squeeze bulb to shoot water in and around rocks. That brings the dirt out where you can get to it. I have a hose to refill tanks and each time I do, I flush the dirt out. I leave it for next time as my tanks are for breeding more than show. In theory, one could swish the dirt out and then vac to get a higher percentage of it.
eheim makes a vac that is battery operated and works very well on gravel or sand. they are pricy tho. at a lfs 59.99 but have had mine for almost two years. another great product by eheim.
sry forgot to say that it just picks up pooo and debri not water and holds it in a lil canister till you manually empty it out.
I haven't yet but I do a 40% water change and when I dump water back in I dump it so it washes out all of the rocks.. Makes a mess ouside of the rocks again but I just get it next time. It seems to be a good cycle.
1-2 times a year is what i say i do. if your having water problems then you may want to look into removing it more often
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