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xxbenjamminxx said:
For the intake tubes I just run hot water through them or I have brush on a string that I pull through. The Rest of the filter I usually use tank water or dechlor tap water and kinda wipe down what I have with my hand if it gets real bad. Otherwise I usually dont clean the entire filter.

I always get the white stuff that blows out of my canister hoses too, but it usually is cleared up not too long after it is running again.

NOTE- Technically you shouldnt use tap water that is dechlorinated at all to clean your filters or anything for that fact, but I figured the amount of bacteria that I lose inside the intake tube is minimal so I am not really to concerned about doing JUST that part in the bath tub.
I think xxbenjamminxx ment to say you shouldn't use water straight from your tap to clean anything. Always use dechlorinated water to clean anything in your tank . Pipe cleaners are very good for cleaning tubes.
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